What is the fuss with Gaming Glasses?

If you are a Gamer and I mean the type who plays online computer games on your PC then the chances are extremely high that you are being exposed to a great deal of harmful blue light due to the marathon sessions you have glued to your HD LED monitor.

Blue light is both harmful to your eyes as well as your health and many studies have been conducted that prove that this high energy form of light is the most harmful form of light for the retina leading to digital eye strain, premature vision loss and a whole host of sleeping disorders.

Melatonin is our sleep hormone and when we are exposed to excessive amounts of blue light when playing online PC Games our bodies melatonin production is suppressed. This reduces our ability to sleep and when we do get up we are still tired. Lack of sleep can lead to many other problems such as obesity, and even cancers.

The solution is to invest in a pair of professional gaming glasses which are effectively computer glasses that have amber coloured lenses that block out the blue light. A UK Company called Tazzo have developed the only model on the market to block out 100% of blue light and they also improve your clarity of vision making colours pop out and everything appearing much clearer.

They are a form of non-prescription digital eyewear designed for gamers. The¬†orange colored lens won’t cause color distortion. Blue light has shorter wavelengths, thus making it scatter easier than most other colors. This makes focusing a lot more difficult. This is why removing blue light can help improve your vision’s sharpness and depth perception. Color is important in games,¬†Tazzo Glasses will only improve it.